"Begin with the end in mind."

- Stephen Covey

Leader In Me – Great Happens Here!

This year is exciting at Pleasant Lea Elementary! Our school was awarded a grant to become a Lighthouse School for the Leader In Me Education.

As you walk around the school you will see the changes that have already happened. There are still a lot of things to accomplish around the building, but those are just cosmetic. The students are actively learning about the Seven Habits of being a great leader.

  1. Be Proactive
  2. Begin with the End in Mind
  3. Put First Things First
  4. Think Win-Win
  5. Seek First to Understand, Then to Be Understood
  6. Synergize
  7. Sharpen the Saw

Would you like to learn more about this amazing program? Follow the links below to find out more:

What is the Leader In Me?

Articles and Case Studies






The Read-A-Thon was a HUGE success! With the participation from the students, teachers, staff and parents, as a school we raised over $12,000! Thank you to all who helped with this FUNdraiser!


The Read-A-Thon is here!

You can help the Read-A-Thon by challenging your students to read and record each night and by encouraging them to find supporters. 100% of the money goes right back to PLE. Classrooms that raise $400 or read 4,000 minutes will receive a popcorn party and the class with the most donations wins a “Breakfast of Champions” of donuts and juice.

Have you heard about the amazing prizes for the students? Check out this out! Hallmark donated a plethora of Text Bands so that PLE could have an incredible Read-A-Thon this year! If we do it right, it will be the ONLY fundraiser we ask you to do this year.

Informational Sheet: Read-a-Thon

Download your Read-A-Thon pledge form here: PLE-Read-A-Thon-Form


Back-To-School Picnic

We were so happy with the turnout for the picnic this year! Thank you to all of the families that came and made this event a success. It was great to see everyone and to get to know the new families.

The 6th Grade Lemonade Stand was new this year and they raised $130 to go towards the 6th graders yearbooks! Thank you to everyone who donated, we know they appreciated the support!

Teachers and staff! You always make the picnic a fun time! The students LOVE to see you outside of the classroom and participating in PLE activities. The picnic was no exception! We thank you for taking the time you would normally use to spend time with your own families and instead stayed late into the evening to bring joy to the faces of our students (and parents!) here at PLE. We appreciate you!

Thank you to all of the parents who volunteered! It is always nice to see parents step up and help out where needed, and the picnic just showed what a great community we have at PLE! A special thanks to Larry Antey who smoked the hot dogs ahead of time and helped with the use of his truck to get all of the larger donations delivered! Everything ran much more smoothly with your help Larry, so thank you!

We not only have an amazing group of families, teachers, staff and students, but our community never ceases to amaze us with their generosity!

Price Chopper (Greenwood) donated all of the bottled water for our event and had it ready for us the day before the event.

HyVee (both Hwy 291 and the Ward locations) went above and beyond with making sure we got the best deals on hot dogs, buns and ice. They gave us great deals and we were able to use the gift cards they donated to us from last year to pay for all of those items.

Costco stepped up with a $50 gift card to supply us with utensils, cups for the lemonade stand and other miscellaneous items.

Thank you again for supporting your students and our staff at PLE.